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Annie the Belgian Lakenois, the Dog of the Day
Name: Annie
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female Breed: Belgian Lakenois
Home: Virginia, USA
   Annie is a rare herding breed here in the US, much more common in Europe. She is so full of energy that she could go all day long. She is incredibly intelligent, and can become bored easily. She is so focused and so excited to play in an interactive way she can hardly contain herself. She is very loving, but only on her own terms, kind of like a cat. She can be reserved and a bit standoffish when she doesn't know you.

     Annie is very gentle with other dogs and puppies, but she can also be ferocious when guarding her home place from outsiders. She sits near the door when she wants to go out staring at me and when I look at her she moves just her eyes to the door. She also will lick her lips every time I ask her if she is a good girl. She loves a good belly rub and also a shoulder massage. She makes life better by being here.

Annie the Belgian Lakenois, the Dog of the Day

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