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Molly the Whippet Mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Molly
Age: Eighteen years old
Gender: Female Breed: Whippet Mix
Home: Newnan, Georgia, USA
   Molly was dropped at a shelter in rural Southwest Georgia on Christmas Eve 2000 along with her puppies. Policy dictated they be put down. (Don't judge. Small shelters do the best they can.) The director was working late that day and just couldn't do it. In her words, "It was Christmas Eve and for once, we had room at the inn." so all were spared. The pups were quickly spoken for but as is often the case with older dogs nobody seems to want them. Molly's age estimate was 2 years old.

     Everyone at the shelter thought there was something special about Molly including the Department of Agriculture Agent who worked closely with the shelter. He said I should look at this dog. She was special. I said, "There are 150 dogs here what is so special about this one." To this day I still can't tell you what it was but he was right. Maybe it was her happiness, her enthusiasm for everyone she greeted, or maybe it was her snuggliness. My husband and I signed for her even though she couldn't go home because the pups were still nursing. I still had my first dog at the time and she was dying from cancer. I put her down a month after Molly came home in February of 2001.

     This little girl did everything ... she hiked miles and miles with me and ran like the wind after deer, squirrels, and rabbits like the true sight hound she is. She would spend twenty minutes stalking a squirrel only to have it all ruined as her brother tore around the corner barking up a storm. Once, she broke a leg to get to a stick of butter on the kitchen counter. We didn't know for several days and by then it was too late. Her leg had reset itself and was forever shortened by an inch. It never slowed her down.

     Not only is she a Canine Good Citizen she spent years as a Therapy Dog visiting nursing homes and rehab centers as well at attending grief camps for children. She had her own idea of fun after one grief camp by running into the field next door and rolling in fresh cow manure. (This was not a mom-approved activity.) By far, her favorite activity is the snuggle. Another funny thing about her is that, as a sight hound, her hind legs are too long for her body. If she tucks them up under herself her behind doesn't touch the ground. Most of the time she has always sat with her fanny flat and her legs sticking out in all sorts of strange directions. We jokingly refer to this as 'sitting pretty' which it most assuredly is not.

     A cuddler, like most of her breed she must maintain body contact with you if at all possible. She is a true lover. Even though she can't see or hear she still tries to find us around the house and once she has she leans in a good hug and a kiss if you're lucky. She also used to be the most amazing face washer. She even won a doggy kissing contest once. Unfortunately, those days are over because she just can't find your face anymore. She doesn't get on the sofa or in the chair either because she can't see. She does still sleep on the bed but I have to tether her to make sure she doesn't fall off.

     We will count her as 18 years old today, Sunday, February 5, 2017. Molly was diagnosed with congestive heart failure three years ago and takes three medications, twice a day and has responded well to those obviously. Even though she is blind and deaf as well it never slows her spirit or makes her unhappy, unless one of the other dogs rolls over on her in bed. Then, as old as she is, she issues a stern correction. She is still the boss-dog and they know it. She is one of the happiest creatures I have ever seen and smiles in all her pictures. Most of the pictures are more recent.

     A big shout out to The Dog Spot Groom & Shop in Leesburg, GA for her birthday photo shoot.

Molly the Whippet Mix, the Dog of the Day Molly the Whippet Mix, the Dog of the Day Molly the Whippet Mix, the Dog of the Day

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