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Ed the Australian Shepherd, Rottweiler, the Dog of the Day
Name: Ed
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male Breed: Australian Shepherd, Rottweiler
Home: San Jacinto, California, USA
   Not only is Ed gorgeous but he's a service dog. And smarter than most dogs, he will actually answer yes and no questions.

     I got him when he was only six weeks old. I got engaged to a guy that was my best friend,and we went to Walmart to get me an engagement ring. I couldn't find anything at Walmart that I liked so we were leaving. When we walked out the door there' was a lady there giving out puppies and she had two left. I said, "Oh babe can I please get one of them?" and he said yes. (I didn't really care if he gave me permission, as I'm always taking animals home. I reached out for one dog and she said, "That one bites," then she said that the other one was very calm. I said, "OK I have another dog so I'll take the calm one. I took him home and on my way home I was try to think of what to name him and I was trying to think of stuff for the wedding and I came up with Ed For engagement dog E.D. A month later, I got rid of the guy and kept the dog. It was the best thing I ever did and he's been one of the loves of my life and a character ever since

     When he was old enough I got him fixed, and after I picked him up and brought him home, I was outside watering my garden. I suddenly thought, "I swear my hose haa leak in it and my leg was getting wet. I looked down and there was Ed peeing all over me. He was letting me know how he felt about it. He's just so funny he does little kooky things like that. When he was almost one he got really sick, and come to find out on day three it was Parvo. I fought hardand nursed him back to health and thank God, he is still here.

     After that I was so scared of him dying I let him get away with everything. He was out of control and it was my fault because I wouldn't train him. As guy I knew thought it would be funny to throw him on top of my other dog when my other dog was sleeping and my other dog would wake up growling. He never wanted to fight. When Ed was two, he took that as aggression and he started fighting Bubba (the white dog). Poor Bubba never fought back. At first I didn't know why Ed was acting up because the guy never did it when I was there. I knew I couldn't baby Ed any longer and I need someone's help to get him trained and get him under control. I couldn't even go check my mail without him getting out of the yard and running off and it would take hours to get him back. So I took him to "Who's Walking Who," Brian Callin's dog training. That man work miracles with my dog and me because he got me to get my head on straight and work with them. Ed took to his training really well. There was a 100% change in him even after one class.

     Shortly after that I got sick and needed a service dog, so I called my dog trainer and asked him if he could train him to be my Service dog and he was able to do it and he's been my service dog ever since. Ed doesn't only save me, he found my puppy Gracie who was just abandoned in the middle of this park at four weeks old all by her self. He's kind of our mascot at Walmart. I take him to work with me every day and everybody from work goes out to where he is at and pets him and loves on him. I work nights so it's not hot or it's not too cold, and every two hours I go outside to be with him for breaks, and everything else so I always get to see him. It's great when you get to go to work with your best friend. He helps me retrieve things because I broke my back in two spots in the lower lumbar region. They told me I would never walk again but Ed and my dog Bubba encourage me to fight. I fought as hard as I could to be able to walk, because they need me to walk them. I have a lot of medical problems. He doesn't fight dogs anymore, by the way, he is actually a dog a very few words. Still is you let him speak up about something, all the dogs stop what they're doing and listen.

     I rescued several dogs since my other one passed away and Ed is definitely the boss. He's very laid-back and calm and he doesn't bark much, but when he does bark there's a good reason. He was born August 5, 2008 and he is Australian Shepherd and Rottweiler. For a little while he was disabled himself. He had hip dysplasia, so the vet cut some bone out of his hip thinking that that would help him with his pain. After that all he did was hop everywhere he would never use is leg. He just constantly hopped and then I found a chiropractor who works on dogs and they worked on him and now he runs and plays and that's like a puppy all over again.

     Ed is my second dog but I have personally owned without living with my grandparents or with my parents. He is hand Signal trained , verbally trained and off the leash trained. The only thing that I can say negative about him is that he'll cuddle and sleep in bed with my husband, but in all the years I had him before I even met my husband, he won't sleep in bed with me. He'll come to bed. he'll cuddle with me until I give him his Yum Yum's and then he gets down and he'll sleep on the floor next to my side of the bed. Trust me I have tried bribing him with anything and everything I can't get him to do it.

     He somehow knows when I'm about to have a seizure which really comes in handy. And I went through a really bad time in my life and I was very suicidal and him and Bubba was the only thing that kept me from killing myself. We were both very devastated when Bubba passed away, even to this day if I say the word Bubba he runs around the house looking for him. He loves his girls that he has now, but Bubba and he had a very special relationship. Bubba would knock down the door to go lay next to Ed when he had Parvo. No matter how hard I tried to keep them separated there was no having that. He wanted to be next to Ed. Every time Ed is sick he wants his mommy and he wants his yogurt. When I feed him his yogurt. I have to feed him it off my finger, he won't eat it any other way.

     I have had other dogs, and Bubba was special, but Ed was the ring bearer in our wedding. The photo of him being "assistant mechanic" is one of my favorite photos of him. We were at the park and he was off the leash so he could go anywhere and do anything but all he wanted to do was "help" his daddy.

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