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Nola Rose the Border Collie, the Dog of the Day
Name: Nola Rose
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female Breed: Border Collie
Home: Escondido, California, USA
   In March and April of 2016 we lost two of our beloved older dogs, a month apart. We still had another dog, but I was beyond consolation. For over twenty years we have always had a black and white Border Collie and a blonde and white mix as their companion. I told my husband I had to have another blonde dog and nothing else would do. Our current dog Annika, is a black and white Border Collie and we felt we wanted another one, but this time blonde and white.

     We searched for quite a while to find a pup in Southern California but no one had any. They had either just sold their last one, or were expecting a litter and didn't get the color I wanted.

     I searched on, a nation-wide website that lists available puppies from the breed you specify. It was a long search. Finally, I just happened to see a blonde baby girl that was not sold yet. I was elated. But she was in Mississippi.

     Instead of flying her to California, my husband wanted to drive across the country to pick her up. The breeders were wonderful people who asked us to come see them, their dogs, and their facilities. So off he went while I stayed home and babysat our seven cats and remaining dog.

     Seven days later Nola Rose arrived, quite sweet and shy. I loved her immediately. Annie was not so sure and wouldn't look at her for about a week. Finally she started accepting her. Nola is a very entertaining dog. We are always laughing at her antics, and frequently surprised at the way she figures out how to accomplish challenges. She loves the cats and smothers them with kisses, licking them all over the face. She is crazy about people and wants to meet everyone she sees. Nola is very smart, and we are always on our toes with her. You would think after owning four Border Collies we would be a bit more clever, but they always have another one "up their sleeve" that we didn't see coming.

     Nola Rose's favorite toy is an empty cat litter tub which she swings around by a collar that we attached to the handle. We call it her "bonky" because she bangs it very hard on the floor as she waves it around, and will bonk you with it if you aren't careful. She now must carry another toy with it, be it a headless stuffed animal, soft Frisbee, or soccer ball. Nola also loves to play ball with Annie in the backyard, pull the toilet paper off the roll as far as she can drag it, eat Kleenex any chance she gets, rip up anything cardboard, and crunch up empty water bottles. Many of her toys are just items around the house. She will also help herself to treats in the pantry if we leave it open. She's a happy dog. Nola sleeps on our bed every night and is quite the bed hog. If you get up in the night she will be in your spot when you return. She also likes to roll up in a ball right by our heads, or lay spread eagle on her back down by our legs. We are constantly shifting and bending in unfamiliar ways to accommodate her various sleep positions.

     In a couple of months we hope to begin agility training for Nola Rose. Annika has been involved for four years now and totally loves it. We hope Nola will too.

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