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Ollie the Brussels Griffon, the Dog of the Day
Name: Ollie
Age: Deceased, Fourteen years old
Gender: Male Breed: Brussels Griffon
Home: West Long Branch, New Jersey, USA
   Ollie was the first of the three Brussels Griffons I would eventually have. I got him to liven up my elderly Border Collie, which he did. When I went to choose a pup, he was the one who came right up to me, so it was a done deal from the start.

     I knew he had a special personality, but I didn't know just how special until I took him to puppy kindergarten where he took over the class. He was assertive without being the least bit aggressive, amd full of self confidence. At the time he weighed about eight pounds and it took him no time at all to tell the 30-pound Great Dane puppy who was boss. He stayed that way his whole life, not being intimidated by any dog, no matter what size or breed. When we went to the local dog park I always took him into the big dog side where every dog said hello and every dog knew who was the alpha in the pack. It was amusing to see my neighbor's 65-pound Golden Retriever being bossed around by a 14-pound dog.

     He loved people, all people, and wanted to greet everyone. His nickname in the vet's waiting room was "The Mayor," because he was like a good politician, going from person to person, wagging his little stub of a tail, collecting attention and affection, gladhanding everyone. He loved his food, and especially his treat ball which he rolled around incessantly hoping more treats would drop out.

     He was super affectionate; if you picked him up he would melt into your arms and fall asleep. He always wanted to be near whatever human was around. He was also quite a snorer.

     He was definitely the pack leader of the house, and he was my pack leader as well. It's been almost four years since he died and I still miss him every day, and I am so grateful that he was a part of my life.

Ollie the Brussels Griffon, the Dog of the Day Ollie the Brussels Griffon, the Dog of the Day Ollie the Brussels Griffon, the Dog of the Day Ollie the Brussels Griffon, the Dog of the Day

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