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Ali the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Ali
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Home: Tamassee, South Carolina, USA
   Ali is ny very sweet Bernese Mountain Dog. She is so special, a friend wrote her a poem that tells her story!

Ode to Ali by Jeannie Barnwell

There is a cute Swiss Miss
In the Cheohee Valley
A Bernese Mountain Dog
By the name of Ali

She's big as a bear
But as gentle as a kitten
Just one glance
And you'll be smitten

When Heidi sits down
To watch TV
Ali jumps on her lap
Though she weighs 103

Ali, what do you want to be
When you grow up?
"You mean when I am
No longer a pup?"

Hmm! Thought Ali,
"What could I be?
I'd like a career
In pet therapy!"

All day long, I'll give
Kisses and licks to
Boys and girls and people
Who are sick

When they see me
Coming waging my tail,
They will no longer feel
So tired and frail.

Those caught in an avalanche thought it quite dandy
When my grandsire brought them soup and brandy.
In South Carolina, there's no snow drifts here,
But still there are folk who need some cheer!"

     Ali is indeed now a therapy dog, and just the sweetest, big baby. Everyone loves her!

Ali the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Dog of the Day Ali the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Dog of the Day

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