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Mac the American Bulldog mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Mac
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male Breed: American Bulldog mix
Home: Hanson, Massachusetts, USA
   Mac is 130 pounds and is very playful and friendly. He has had two eye surgeries and his nose is being eating away by bacteria, sadly. He has a person shaped mark on his back (see the bottom picture) and his birthday is on Thanksgiving.

     He is my first dog, I got him for Christmas when I was seven. My mom didn't want to get a dog but my dad and i did. His friend had just rescued two dogs of his kind, a female and him and he couldn't handle all of the responsibility of two at once, so my dad took Mac home and put him downstairs for Christmas morning! We know he is an American Bulldog mix, just don't know what else is in him!

     Mac is an extremely protective dog and he doesn't like being alone. One time he ran to the top of a hill and my dad and I where at the bottom of it. We sat on a bench and waited for him. When he was at the top of the hill, he forgot where we were and starting looking around. When we noticed this we started screaming his name, and then he started running towards us full speed. He was coming at me so my dad stood in front right before he got there, and Mac jumped into my dad and pushed him over because he was so excited. It's like he thought we were lost forever, and then found! He is such a good boy. As for tricks, Mac can sit, lay, and shake your hand. We love him!

Mac the American Bulldog mix, the Dog of the Day Mac the American Bulldog mix, the Dog of the Day Mac the American Bulldog mix, the Dog of the Day

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