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Sammy the Poodle, the Dog of the Day
Name: Sammy
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female Breed: Poodle
Home: El Lago, Texas, USA
   This is Sammy (short for Samantha). She is special because she is my emotional support dog, I struggle with mental illness and when I am having a bad day she is there for me, she will lay on my lap or put her head on my legs. She knows sit, lay down, speak, roll over and she will jump up into your arms on command. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet; she loves to cuddle and will sneak into the bed with you even though she is not allowed in the bed! She was just wandering the street as a stray when my friends found her, and the moment I saw her I knew that she was going to be my dog. It was the best decision I have ever made!

     You may wonder about the bright colors on her ears and and tail - it was supposed to be red and blue for the 4th of July, but the red turned out pink, so yeah she is pink. Don't worry though, it's a pet safe dye and was done by a professional groomer! It's funny, when she comes out of the groomer after she got dyed, she was strutting! She knows she looks good! She is not a miniature poodle, she is medium almost a small, but just a little too big! But that's okay, she is the perfect size for me! She smiles a lot normally, but when I get out the camera she usually stops, so I was really happy to get this photo.

Sammy the Poodle, the Dog of the Day

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