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Gia the Australian Shepherd, the Dog of the Day
Name: Gia
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female Breed: Australian Shepherd
Home: Alberta, Canada
   Gia is a mini Australian Shepherd, about five years old. She lives in the Canadian countryside with my parents on a one-acre property that allows for lots of deer-chasing and games of fetch on the back road. Gia was adopted from a family friend and breeder who has provided us with our two other family dogs. Her original name was "Dot" due to the black dot on her head, but my dad insisted that we had to name her something "different." We settled on a Gaelic name. Gia was originally supposed to be my sister's dog, but as she grew up and went off to university, we realized she couldn't take the dog with her. Mum and dad had sworn that they were not going to end up taking care of Gia as they had with so many other pets. But by the time my sister left the family home, mum and dad had fallen in love with Gia. I don't think I could separate them if I tried!

     Our little girl is pretty high-maintenance sometimes; she always, always wants attention and she has more energy than my entire family combined. She loves the outdoors and loves to swim, hike, and play fetch. She also loves her toys, especially the ones with squeakers! We're not sure why, but she sometimes has trouble with other dogs and other people. We tried our best to socialize her as a puppy, but we think she still suffers from "single-child syndrome." Once she gets to know you, though, she's super friendly! She loves to sit in my lap and will sometimes nuzzle her nose under my chin...kind of like a doggy hug? Her favorite thing to do is paw whoever isn't paying enough attention to her. (I wish I could get photos of this, but Gia is a little camera shy sometimes.) These photos are from rare instances when she decided to model.

     We love this pup to death. Who would've thought we'd get used to a dog with no tail?

Gia the Australian Shepherd, the Dog of the Day Gia the Australian Shepherd, the Dog of the Day Gia the Australian Shepherd, the Dog of the Day Gia the Australian Shepherd, the Dog of the Day

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