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Giada the Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Giada
Age: Twelve and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Dog
Home: Busto Arsizio, Italy
   Hi, I'm Giada (pronounced Jada), the Italian name for Jade. My name is Italian because I was born on the streets of Naples, Italy. I ran around with a group of smallish mixed breeds like myself for about a year. Then an animal rescue organization learned that a dog-fighting ring wanted to use us as bait in their training rings. The rescuers picked us up first and sent us to northern Italy where we would be safe. They posted a picture of me on a rescue website, and that's where my humans saw me.

     I have been with my humans now for more than twelve years. This picture is of me enjoying the sunshine on my own Persian rug. Time really flies. Soon after I arrived, I found my doggy soulmate at the local doggy park. Our friendship was so important - not only to us but to our humans - that my mommy wrote a book about it, Crystal and Jade. Not to be outdone, I wrote a story about my stay at a posh resort in Tuscany, and it was published on an animal website in English and Italian. This next photo is of me, Giada and my BFF, a boxer mix named Domina. Our friendship is the basis for the book, Crystal and Jade.

     I have traveled around Italy and to six other countries - France, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Croatia. I LOVE traveling and staying in hotels and going to nice restaurants, meeting new people and (most) new dogs. I also love eating, lying in the sunshine, and riding on the train, but my favorite pastime is lizard hunting. I hold the local record for lizard catching - seven in 15 minutes. My personal best for mouse hunting is two in less than an hour: that was in Slovenia last summer so who says you slow down as you get older?

      My people take photos wherever we go. So in order, the next ones are me in southern Spain, then me being beautiful at home in Busto Arsizio. Mom says my muzzle is greyer now but I will always be this way to her - "alert, focused, her liquid brown eyes brimming with light and love." Next is me riding the train to Milan. An expensive first-class seat and yes, dogs pay. After that is me in in Mantova, Italy. Then a picture of when I was coming to terms with snow my first year in northern Italy. I had never seen snow in Naples. Next is me and my human dad in the Swiss Alps. Last is my first encounter with a Thanksgiving turkey. In Italy, turkeys are sold with their heads, feet, and some feathers.

     I look forward to more hunting in warm weather, and lots of snuggles with my humans when the evenings are cool. Life is good when you are surrounded by love . . . and lizards.

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