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Jackson the Dalmatian, the Dog of the Day
Name: Jackson
Age: Eleven years, eight months old
Gender: Male Breed: Dalmatian
Home: Buffalo, New York, USA
   Jackson loves dog biscuits, socializing with humans, and especially socializing with humans who bring him dog biscuits. In the spring, summer and fall, he watches from his living room window for fisherman to park by the dock on the Buffalo River. He knows each one by their vehicle, and will bark when a fisherman who brings dog biscuits for him pulls up, to alert his human to get ready for a walk.

     Jackson is a super snuggler, and has patented a move called the "Jackson drift." When a human sits, he manages to swing around three times before settling in to a position where he's as close to you as possible without actually sitting on you. He also enjoys receiving belly rubs, catching squeaky tennis balls and running with other dogs at the dog park.

     Less than a year ago, Jackson's human Mom passed away and he was placed in the city animal shelter for adoption. At the time of his adoption, he was 43 pounds overweight and 11 years old. Due to diet with some cheating for dog biscuits and lots of exercise, he has lost those 43 pounds and is now within normal weight range so he can enjoy a healthier lifestyle for the remainder of his golden years.

Jackson the Dalmatian, the Dog of the Day Jackson the Dalmatian, the Dog of the Day Jackson the Dalmatian, the Dog of the Day

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