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Zoe the Golden Retriever, the Dog of the Day
Name: Zoe
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Female Breed: Golden Retriever
Home: Annapolis, Maryland, USA
   This is Zoe. Ever since she was a puppy, she has been very curious about all other living creatures. She loves to sit in the backyard and watch chipmunk, squirrel and bird friends play. They do not run away from her because they know she just wants to watch them. Most of all, Zoe loves to watch her fish. She has lived in 3 different houses, each with a pond of fish. She will stare at them for hours. We ask her "Where are the fish?" In response, she runs out the back door to the pond and finds her fish.

     Zoe is getting on in years but she never stops watching her fish. They always swim up to her when they sense her presence. Like her other animal friends, they know she will not hurt them. A dog and her fish . . . saying hello.

     Zoe is our second Golden. We got her to keep our first Golden, Rocky, company since we were away most of the day at work and Rocky seemed unhappy. The two of them immediately became best buddies. Zoe is an unusual Golden. She does not like to fetch or carry a ball. But she loves to play with her pal Rocky. She teases him by laying on her back and kicking him with her feet. He barks at her and then they wrestle. A game they have played for many years.

     She also loves to meet new people. She walks the streets of Annapolis, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, and people cannot walk by without petting her. She is calm and easy going. A real treat around children and people in need of some loving. Recently, we were walking around a University and a student stopped to pet her. He told me he was on his way to an exam and was very nervous. He said petting Zoe made his day and gave him more confidence for his exam.

     We always know where Zoe has been in the house. She loves to chew bones. Then she will leave them standing on end, like the Eiffel Tower. You can walk around the house and see bones, literally, standing up.

     There are two favorite pictures of both Rocky and Zoe. One shows Zoe telling Rocky what's what during a snow storm. The other is them waiting for birthday cake. We love her very much.

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