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Beari the German Shepherd Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Beari
Age: One year, four months old
Gender: Female Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Home: Oregon, USA
   You know that itch that you just can't scratch? That's like Beari when she wants to cuddle. She is definitely not like any other German Shepherd I have had. Granted, I have only had one other, which was her brother before he passed. Beari really became a friend I could count on during the mourning of her lost brother; and we had to work together and be there for each other during it. I know it's crazy to think, but a part of me believes she knows he's gone too, but as they always say, it's not goodbye forever...

     Beari is not only my hero, but my inspiration. She has improved my view on the world and my surroundings. Although cautious at first, once comfortable, Beari will envelope all with love. It is with her that I also improved my photography skills. I'm not 100% sure if she is just a natural behind the camera or if it's by accident, but she is truly a wonder to work with during our photo shoot sessions.

     Although six months old, and having grown up with three siblings, she is a total momma-dog. By this I do not mean she has puppies of her own, no, but whenever we bring in new dogs (such as our newest addition, Crixus, who is seen with her in the last picture), she is a great mentor for them and good playmate. My family and I are truly blessed to have such a wonderful dog in our lives, and Beari is truly a hero in my eyes. Even when she doesn't succeed in training, the time spent working with her is never wasted, as our bond grows stronger each minute we spend together.

Beari the German Shepherd Dog, the Dog of the Day Beari the German Shepherd Dog, the Dog of the Day Beari the German Shepherd Dog, the Dog of the Day

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