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Dog of the Day
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Yuso the Japanese Chin mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Yuso
Age: Seven and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Japanese Chin mix
Home: Vietnam
   My name is Ngan and I have a really wonderful dog! His name is Yuso and he is very cute. My uncle gave me Yuso when he was a puppy. He told me Yuso was a Japanese Chin mix and asked me to take a good care of him. Now, Yuso is about seven and a half years old, he turns out to be a very charming guy. He always looks funny when he takes my shoes and puts them in the right places.

     I love him most when he sits on two legs and asks me for something. His big black eyes looks so adorable and so does his face. It's also the way he says his greetings. Everyone in my family, just open the door that they will meet a very cute "Hello" with barks and a sitting Yuso with his tail waves happily. He is great! I am so thankful mto my uncle for this gift.

Yuso the Japanese Chin mix, the Dog of the Day

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