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Charlie the German Shepherd mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Charlie
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: German Shepherd mix
Home: California, USA
   Charlie is the sweetest dog on the planet. A year after my old dog died, I went to a shelter with some family to look around. I had no intention of adopting that day but as soon as I saw those big brown eyes looking up at me, my heart burst. I adopted him that evening. The way he stared calmly and sweetly just told me that he was special.

     Charlie is the greatest dog. He loves people, especially young children. He is very protective and will always be there to protect any of the children in the family.

     He is always moving. He loves his early morning runs and loves to chew anything he can get his paws on. Lucky for him, he is always receiving new chew toys to occupy his mouth. Charlie's favorite toy is his rubber cookie that now has several bites taken out of it.

     I have now had Charlie for six years and I hope to have many more with such a beautiful and friendly dog!

Charlie the German Shepherd mix, the Dog of the Day

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