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Mystery the Chihuahua, the Dog of the Day
Name: Mystery
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female Breed: Chihuahua
Home: Tennessee, USA
   Mystery is my service dog. She is a long coat Chihuahua. Her name came into being because the biggest mystery is life and she gave me back mine. She was a gift from friends after I was devastated after the loss of my other service dog, Angel. Mystery and I help raise money for groups that help animals. We have been Grand Marshall of the local Walk for the Animals, because we were top money raisers by an individual. She has a wardrobe to die for. Three friends design her clothes.

     In June of 2012 I almost died, and the hardest part of being in the hospital was not having my special girl. When I got home she was terrified of the hospital smells. I laid down for a nap and woke with her draped over me. All was right with the world then. We go to a lot of events to meet new people and promote service dogs. People that meet her cannot believe she is so well behaved. Everything comes naturally to her, very little training with her. The day I got her I went to Nashville to pick her up from my dear friends that gave her to me. She had never seen me before and she curled up around my heart for the 75 mile trip home. She has meant life to me ever since.

Mystery the Chihuahua, the Dog of the Day

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