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Holly the Border Collie mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Holly
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female Breed: Border Collie mix
Home: Irvine, Scotland, UK
   My dog's name is Holly, she was eight on August third this year, she is a Collie cross. We don't know what she's crossed with but we think she is a cross between whippet or a grayhound and the obvious Border Collie. She lives in Irvine, Scotland. And what makes her special is that when I or the family come in from work or college, she rushes to us with a smile and her teeth showing.

     She's a bit of both independent and affectionate. She loves getting stroked and played with. She loves big long walks, and others dogs. She had a bit of a rough early life, she was a stray when I got her at four months and was a wee bag of bones. And when I met her, she ran up to the cage and chose me. That's when I realized she was my dog.

     Holly loves to play with her tug rope and squeaky toys. When you let her off her lead she runs a mile! She's not the best when you call her back though. Have to shout a few times, but she comes back eventually. And she loves people, and is good with kids as well. Interesting considering her background. She hates loud noises and for some weird reason wooden clothes horses scare her. Her personality is a happy, playful always full of energy. After a walk she just lies about, but is always happy.

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