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Lucy the Rat Terrier Mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Lucy
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female Breed: Rat Terrier Mix
Home: Rowlett, Texas, USA
   Hello! This is my sweet Lucy. Lucy was just two and a half pounds and three months old when our family adopted her and her littermate Cookie from the Dallas Animal Shelter. Right away, they proceeded to chew and demolish everything they could get their mouths and paws on! Now eight, they are the joys of our lives and amazing company for me! When I'm at home, she and Cookie are by my side. A one minute trip to the mailbox results in me being smothered with doggie kisses, so happy to see me return. They are very protective of our family. Lucy now weighs 11 pounds.

     One of Lucy's unique "tricks" is something she only does to men and me, her mommy. If she likes you, she will press her chin on top of your mouth. Again, she only does this to men! It's is the strangest, but most loving act. Very sweet girl.

     Lucy knows all of her toys by name. I have to get a little embarrassed when she repeatedly bring me the half-full Christmas Bear that they got for Christmas last year. She just loves it!

Lucy the Rat Terrier Mix, the Dog of the Day

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