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Yoshi the Akita Inu, the Dog of the Day
Name: Yoshi
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female Breed: Akita Inu
Home: Connecticut, USA
   Yoshi is a human's best friend. She is our fourth one. She loves to play and loves kids, she acts like one in fact. She loves walks, and loves to eat carrots.

     After my last Akita passed away, we decided to get another. We got her from a breeder in Pennsylvania, from a litter six. When we went to see the puppies, Yoshi was such a playful one, always getting into something, so we knew she was the dog for us. She's great with people, but a little reserved with other dogs. She loves to play catch, and waits for me to come home from work to play tug a war. She's affectionate with children, loves belly rubs and always looking out to chase the squirrels. Yoshi is a great family dog

Yoshi the Akita Inu, the Dog of the Day Yoshi the Akita Inu, the Dog of the Day

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