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Bentley and Dante the Dachshunds, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bentley, Dante
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Dachshund
Home: Lakewood, Colorado, USA
   Bentley (left) and Dante (right) are both seven years old and they are best friends. They are English Cream Dachshunds - Bentley is a Shaded Cream and Dante is a Black and Cream. They are super loving and mild mannered dogs who just love people of all ages and other dogs, and even cats. They are even friends with the bunnies and deer that come into our yard. They love to snuggle and play, and they absolutely love to go for walks.

     They were our first dogs. We got them as puppies and fell in love. We thought their colors complemented each other well. They love to go for walks and they love to play outside, even in the snow. They are both super well behaved and they can fetch and catch. They are quiet until they see a stranger or a strange dog, then they bark like crazy. They are excellent watch dogs, always keeping an eye on things. Bentley is more outgoing and will eat almost anything. Dante is sometimes shy and super picky about his food. They are truly little angels.

      They were even featured in three funny videos for a local solar company: One, Two and Three!

Bentley and Dante the Dachshunds, the Dog of the Day

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