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Sudz the Australian Cattle Dog/Chihuahua mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Sudz
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Chihuahua mix
Home: Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
   I have wanted a dog all my life. I grew up an only child and was never allowed to have a dog. As I grew up and became an adult, I still felt the need to have a dog. So, I finally got an apartment that would accept small dogs. I was really lucky because no one had a dog in this small apartment building at the time, and the landlord gave the okay.

     Back in 2015, I was taking some positive reinforcement classes for the emotional mind. This was around the time I got the approval to have a dog. It just so happened a friend of mine's friend was having puppies. They were all little mutts and I had to wait about six weeks for him. So, I started thinking of names for him and really wanted it to be as special as he would be. Sudz is actually an abbreviation for emotional positive reinforcement scaling system. Suds- stands for Subjective Units of Disturbance Scale. And by the way, I had a DNA test to prove his breeds and he is an Australian Cattle Dog/Chihuahua mix - he has no terrier in him, though people often guess he is one!

     Sudz loves camping, walking, going to the Dog Park, doggy daycare, and visiting family. He is a super social and loving dog. He walks with a certain swag to him and everyone just knows he's a happy dog. He really loves climbing rocks and hiking. He is not a huge fan of water, but he deals with it.

     I honestly do not know where I'd be in my life if it wasn't for him. We lost our home this year 2017 and have had to move around a lot. We were homeless for several months and l was lost in many different ways. However, I was never lost long because I had my dog and he showed me there is happiness even if we didn't have a permanent home.

     Sudz for life <3!

Sudz the Australian Cattle Dog/Chihuahua mix, the Dog of the Day Sudz the Australian Cattle Dog/Chihuahua mix, the Dog of the Day

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