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Ruby the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel , the Dog of the Day
Name: Ruby
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Home: Fredonia, New York, USA
   I have a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Ruby. Ruby loves to watch TV especially when there are other doggies on! She is an extremely friendly and lovable girl who enjoys walks, cuddles, riding in the car, ripping and chewing lots of toys and of course watching TV. She is very special and smart and loves to play with anyone and everyone, especially her sisters - our two mini dachshunds, Sophie and Lily.

     Ruby's personality is extremely loving and friendly. Her tail is always wagging and she will befriend anyone. She will walk up to strangers and other bigger dogs with her tail wagging. She especially likes to bark and wag when she sees any animal on the TV screen, especially other dogs (as seen in the photo). She loves climbing on her people and licking their face until having to be pushed away.

     Ruby loves to play with her toys and invented her own game where she wants me to take her toy and throw it for her to fetch. However, when she brings it back she teases me with it and pulls it just out of my reach. She continues to play this "tease" game until I give up!

     Ruby knows how to sit, stay, shake, and lay down and is very easy to train since she is smart and eager to please.

     Ruby was born on November 8th so I brought her home with us in the winter and during our first snow fall I discovered she loved the snow! She jumps, dashes, races around the yard and sticks her nose right in the snow. Ruby also loves to "go to bed" and as soon as she hears those words she starts spinning in tight circles and jumping. Once in the bed she likes to burrow down in the blankets and sleep on my legs.

     Ruby's personality can be summed up in one word - lover.

Ruby the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel , the Dog of the Day

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