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Baxter the Schnauzer, the Dog of the Day
Name: Baxter
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male Breed: Schnauzer
Home: Beesley's Point, New Jersey, USA
   Baxter is a gem. He is such a good boy. Baxter loves everybody and especially kids. The one thing that makes Baxter different than other dogs we have had is he is very bossy. When he wants something he lets you know it. This is true whether it's that he wants to go out, or he wants to play, or when he is ready to eat. When he is ready to eat he will sit there and just stare at you until you can't take it anymore. He knows how to be a nag, and that is his nickname NAG. Baxter has brought so much into our lives and we appreciate him everyday. One other thing, after he gets his grooming he feels like velvet and his ears are so irresistible I could pet them for hours. Baxter, you're the best, we all love you.

     Baxter is our second schnauzer. Our first schnauzer was named Fritz. He lived a long life and was supposed to be a family pet but he really took to my wife and they were best buds. After Fritz passed away many months later my wife said she was ready to get another puppy. So she showed me an add in the paper for Christmas Schnauzers. Without her knowing I went and visited the people that had the puppies. After meeting them and seeing the pups I knew right away which one would become part of our family. He was already named by the owners as Baxter. I surprised my wife on Christmas Eve with Baxter. When we tried to figure out a name for him we couldn't and so his birth name stuck with him and to this day we are glad we kept it.

     Baxter is playful, but only to a point. He gets bored with the fetch and bring back, he lasts about five minutes then he tries to get you to chase him instead by holding onto the toy and not bringing it back. Sometimes he is just too smart. Everybody in the neighborhood loves Baxter.

Baxter the Schnauzer, the Dog of the Day Baxter the Schnauzer, the Dog of the Day Baxter the Schnauzer, the Dog of the Day

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