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Sparky the Pomeranian, the Dog of the Day
Name: Sparky
Age: Nine and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Pomeranian
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   Meet Sparky! He's a nine-and-a-half-year-old miniature Pomeranian with alopecia, from British Columbia in Canada. I've had Spark (a common nickname) for six years this November; We got him free from a retiring couple in November 2012. He's six pounds of pure joy. He has an incredibly odd personality, and doesn't act like a typical dog, for the most part. His favourite treat is raw carrot, and he loves cuddling.

     When he was just a wee puppy, he swallowed something sharp, which put his life at a risk. After $1200 worth of procedures, a significant diet change, and the owners' wish to travel, Sparky's original pet owners decided it was better for him to be re-homed. After recently losing another pet to an infection, I was more than joyed for Sparky to be a part of my life.

     Despite being a bit of a pain sometimes (he's only recently figured out how to bark and now won't be quiet), he's the absolute love of my life, and honestly, these photos don't even begin to showcase how cute he truly is.

     Because of his alopecia (a condition that causes hair to fall out whilst entering adulthood), he has no hair on his back, neck, chest, stomach, and it's very thin on his legs. But his fluffy head and naked tale make him just that much more unique. He's an incredibly friendly pup, with an enormous personality, and I'm more than happy to share him with the world.

Sparky the Pomeranian, the Dog of the Day Sparky the Pomeranian, the Dog of the Day Sparky the Pomeranian, the Dog of the Day

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