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Harley the Labrador, Golden Retriever mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Harley
Age: Five and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Labrador, Golden Retriever mix
Home: Elburn, Illinois, USA
   Hi! This is Harley, she was born June 6, 2012. Her full name is Harlana Bean Boo Marie Joy Pinky Hope. Yeah, we had a hard time ruling out names. We got Harley in late August of 2012. Our dad was not keen on getting a dog, because our old dog, Kobi, died, and he had a hard time with that. We were just browsing on Pet Finder (praise for Pet Finder), and we came across Harley (her name was Lacey at the time). So we decided to go visit her. And when we met her, we fell in love with her right away.

     Harley is a cuddle bunny - that last picture is from when she was about six months old - she is still sure she is lap-sized even though she was obviously not even then! She loves playing outside, and chewing on her Kong. She also likes car rides. She loves giving people her paw. If you hold your hand out, she will shake with you, but if you drop her paw, she will try SO hard to give it back to you. It is very funny to watch. Whenever visitors come to our house, she falls in love with them right away. She also likes heat. She sits on the fireplace and likes to sit under our piano (where lots of sun comes in). She loves kids and other dogs. Her top favorite thing (in the world) is ice. Whenever she hears the ice maker start, she comes running. If she sees we have two pieces of ice, she will need two also.

     We love Harley so much, and couldn't live without her!

Harley the Labrador, Golden Retriever mix, the Dog of the Day Harley the Labrador, Golden Retriever mix, the Dog of the Day

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