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Kyla the Rough Collie, the Dog of the Day
Name: Kyla
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Female Breed: Rough Collie
Home: United Kingdom
   Hi there, I am Kyla and I live in the UK. I am special because there is hardly any of my breeds around here so I never get to see my brothers or sisters or cousins or anything.

     My owner also used to take me out for jumping agility courses such as jumping 2ft 9 high!! I learned how to jump through hoops and go through weave poles and even do a teetertotter. I did this along with my other border collie friend, Logan. He is not as fluffy and me, of course, and he is mostly black, so it is easy to tell us apart. Although sometimes he is annoying and runs around like a mad thing, he is like a younger brother to me and I have to look after him too. I think he just doesn;t understand that I am a collie too - I do not need to be herded.

     I would also like to thank Emma for being the best owner! As well as doing fun stuff with us, she brushes me so my coat stays pretty and not tangled. I like that. And she loves me, and Logan too.

Kyla the Rough Collie, the Dog of the Day

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