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Pitti the Italian Segugio mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Pitti
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: Italian Segugio mix
Home: Germany
   My pet is a dog. Her name is Pitti. She is an Italian Segugio-Mix and originally comes from Italy. Pitti has long ears and a long tail. The colour of her fur is brown with white spots. She is born 15.9.2012, so she is now six years old. We found her in the internet at the homepage of "Respektiere e.V.," a company which cares for animals without a home. Pitti was born is Italy, so she had to fly to Germany. At first she lived in Hamburg, in a nice foster family. We phoned to them and they said we can come and see the dog. At the end of November we drove to Hamburg and spoke to the family, petted Pitti and went for a walk with her. Everything worked out perfect so after some hours we drove home with the dog.

     Pitti is still a little bit anxious sometimes, but she is very curious too. I love to play with her because she always licks my face! Pitti likes to steal socks and stuffed animals!! When we go for a walk, she follows me wherever I go. I feed her always with dog food! She is very cute! I love her very much!

Pitti the Italian Segugio mix, the Dog of the Day

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