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Shadow the Australian Silky Terrier/Yorkshire Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Shadow
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Australian Silky Terrier/Yorkie mix
Home: East Elmhurst, Queens, New York, USA
   I was visiting my dad's house one day and he told me a neighbor's dog had puppies and he was giving them away. My dad knew that, ever since I lost my first dog about five years earlier, I've always wanted another dog so he brought one of them home. Obviously at first the puppy was nervous and uneasy, but we almost instantly clicked! I named him Shadow because, the moment he got use to me, he began following me everywhere like my second shadow (and his fur was primarily black, but mostly because of his habit of following me). My dad even showed me a picture that he followed me to the bathroom and sat in front of the door, waiting for me.

     My mom and stepdad were unsure at first, but the moment my mom and little brother saw him, they fell in love, and since it was three votes to one (plus my dad and stepmom vouched me and Shadow were close already), my stepdad agreed as well. When I brought Shadow home, he was a bit of a troublemaker at first: barking and even trying to bite other dogs or strangers, peeing around the house, and even biting a handful of times. Naturally though, with training, he's gotten better. Sure, he still barks at the door, "strangers" (by that I mean family and/or friends he isn't familiar with visiting our house) and other dogs, but he isn't as aggressive anymore.

     Once he does familiarize himself with you, he's the sweetest little thing, cuddling up to you and wanting to play. Sometimes though, when he's still not quite trusting of your presence, he likes to play it cool and seemingly pretends to not care (for example, he may stare at you, clearly wanting attention, but when you look at him and attempt to pet him, he tosses his head and walks away)! He's definitely a lady's man however and seems to be quick to adjust to having a new lady in the house.

     Just like when we first met, he still follows me around. If he's tired and resting in one room, but I leave and go to another too long for his liking, he gets up and relocates so he can be close to me. He's almost always curled up against me and is fiendishly protective of me, barking and growling whenever my family members teasingly hit me. Whenever I come home, he either charges me and jumps all over me, attempting to giving me kisses, or he runs off to grab one of his toys so we can play. Speaking of playing, he particularly loves fetch and tug-o-war. Well, I say "fetch," but it's more like catch a majority of the time. If you throw a toy for him, he'll chase after it or attempt to catch it in his mouth (he almost always fails), but once he has the toy he'll bring it to you then teasingly pull the toy away before trotting off, wagging his tail and snarling playfully. He clearly knows what he's doing and he revels in it!

     Trick-wise, he knows basic tricks such as sit, but he also knows how to give high-five on command (well, more like high-eight since he goes in the begging position and puts both paws against your hand). He's very smart, so it wasn't at all hard to train him. However, he sometimes gets shy and doesn't like doing tricks in front of others, so you may have to break out the treats to bribe him a little! He has a funny habit of taking certain treats you give him (bones, pig's ears, rawhides, etc) and attempting to "bury" them to save for later. It's so adorable to watch him trying to hide his treats. He'd paw the ground (even though it's hardwood flooring), take towels or articles of clothing to cover it (pick it up by his teeth and literally cover his treat), and/or just overall poke and nudge it to hide it as perfectly as possible. He will amusingly take his treat and hide it elsewhere when his hiding spot is discovered or he realizes he's been watched. It isn't just me he's close to, he loves to play with all family members and friends he's familiar with. He considers them all as part of his pack and he loves everyone.

     We aren't 100% sure, but we believe he sees my cousins' dog, Marshmallow, as his mate and always attempts to, ahem, procreate with her. She's a strong female however and puts her foot, er, paw down, growling and snapping at him warningly as Shadow whimpers and backs off. They still run around and play together though, getting along well. Whenever we mention Marshmallow's name, Shadow will begin whining and howling as he stares at the door or looks out the window. He misses her and is aware she is far away... Bottom line, Shadow is a smart, playful, loving dog and I'm so glad my dad brought him home that day!

Shadow the Australian Silky Terrier/Yorkshire Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day Shadow the Australian Silky Terrier/Yorkshire Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day Shadow the Australian Silky Terrier/Yorkshire Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day Shadow the Australian Silky Terrier/Yorkshire Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day Shadow the Australian Silky Terrier/Yorkshire Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day

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