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Dallas the Australian Shepherd mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Dallas
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: Australian Shepherd mix
Home: Fresno, California, USA
   We adopted Dallas after the loss of our beloved Adriane, because our remaining Aussie, Emmitt was very lonely. We saw her on PetFinder and set up a meeting. When we saw her in person we realized she was far too small at about 30 pounds, we were looking for something a bit closer in size to Emmitt, about 80 pounds. While waiting to inform the person we had set up the meeting with, Dallas saw Emmitt across the room and got the biggest smile and started wagging her whole butt. She looked so happy, we had to let them meet. It wasn't exactly love at first site, Dallas was afraid of everything and mostly just lay on her back and let Emmitt sniff her. She was so sweet and sad we had to bring her home.

     According to the rescue people she had been found at a ranch nearby with a sister and they believed the two were miniature Aussies. The sister was a lovely blue Merle and was adopted right away, but Dallas had been with the organization for many months. She had never been in a house and they had no idea if she was house trained! No wonder she was afraid of absolutely everything! It took us over an hour to get her to come into the house once we got her here. Emmitt was a good big brother and showed her the ropes. She followed him everywhere. He even house trained her, she watched him go to the door, followed him outside and watched him do his business. Then she did the same and after that she never had an "accident" in the house. They were best buddies and loved to wrestle and chase each other.

     Unfortunately Emmitt got cancer and passed away later that year, by then Dallas was the boss of the house. She missed her big brother so we brought her another one, Jake. They are great friends and keep each other company.

     Dallas is very people focused. She loves to play with her squeaky toys, which she steals from Jake and hoards. She loves to go for long walks and is a great running partner. She is still afraid of loud noises and strangers, but has gained some bravery. Instead of hiding when people come over, now she barks! Progress! She loves to snuggle, she will poke you until you give in and pet her-never takes no for an answer.

     We adore our baby girl!

Dallas the Australian Shepherd mix, the Dog of the Day Dallas the Australian Shepherd mix, the Dog of the Day Dallas the Australian Shepherd mix, the Dog of the Day Dallas the Australian Shepherd mix, the Dog of the Day

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