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Mr. Bingley the Wheaten Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Mr. Bingley
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male Breed: Wheaten Terrier mix
Home: Hoschton, Georgia, USA
   We rescued Mr. Bingley in September 2015. He was found walking beside the street. When we rescued him, his hair was all knatted and dirty. We cleaned him up the day we rescued him. Suprisingly, Mr. Bingley never made a sound during all of that. He would not bark, howl, or lick. As he became used to us, he began barking and putting his paw on us, and his personality began to shine. We have taught him to sit, stay, lay down, jump up, and high five. He has been the best dog we have ever had.

     Before we got Mr. Bingley, we had a dog named Tucker. He was a Springer Spaniel. He was a very crazy dog. We couldn't bring him inside the house because of my younger sister's allergies. He was a great dog, but he just wasn't right for us. We gave him away to a good home where he could be happy. A couple years later we decided that we needed a dog. So then we rescued Mr. Bingley.

     Mr. Bingley's personality is happy and lazy. His name came from a movie called "Pride and Prejudice." In the movie there is a man who is always happy and laid back. We decided that it was the perfect name for our dog. So that is how his name became Mr. Bingley!

     Mr. Bingley's favorite thing to do (besides sleeping) is to play with us. Sometimes he will come up to us and bring us his toy bone. Other times he will jump up and down by the door because he wants to run outside. He loves to be with people. He will walk up to anybody and wag his tail.

     Mr. Bingley's breed is hard to tell. Our veterinarian told us that he is a Wheaten Terrier mix. He's got some Wheaten and something else. Because of the Wheaten genes, he does not shed, so does not bother mysister's allergies. The thing that Bingley hates the most (besides baths) is being left alone. Whenever we go out somewhere, he always whimpers. He hates being left alone. But whenever we come home there is always a smiling doggie waiting for us.

Mr. Bingley the Wheaten Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day Mr. Bingley the Wheaten Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day

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