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Tyler and Roxy the Beagles, the Dog of the Day
Name: Tyler, Roxy
Age: Six years old, Ten years old
Gender: Male, Female Breed: Beagle
Home: Finchley, North London, England, UK
   I grew up always with dogs in Grenada in the West Indies. Until I was persuaded to have dogs (in the house) I have never loved animals as much as I love these two beagles!

     With intense pressure from the children I agreed to adding a family member and we chose a female beagle called Roxy (10 years ago). She is the most loving, gentle and placid little lady who quickly joined the family and has lived her happy life (we hope) with no ailments. Although placid we quickly learned that any personal belongings (shoes socks etc) would become hers if she finds them and would protect it to the end. We decided after three years to add to our family and opted for another beagle.

     We went to another breeder and fell in love with Beagle #2. This time a male whom we named Tyler. Roxy nurtured him as her own, and he soon became alpha. Tyler endured a few years suffering from an auto immune disease where he had a couple of years of steroid treatment. Vets could not properly diagnose the cause or trigger for this and with a thorough search of the internet we tried omitting ham (and any pork products) from his diet. This seemed to do the trick and he has been free from an 'episode' for three years now). Quite dibilitating for him, and heart wrenching and awful as a 'parent' to see the suffering he went through. As a result he has a slightly tilted head though this doesn't restrict him from giving us the 'have sympathy, don't forget what I've been through' look for endless treats (carrots) nor being the active and boisterous little guy that he is. He has many traits of a jack russell and we think he could be mixed.

     Tyler is alpha beagle and continues to assert his authority over big sister Roxy but is caring and fiercely protective of his entire family. He is loud and boisterous and is on alert 24/7 to the point where he alerted us at 3am to potential burglars outside! We do not get cold callers at the door!

     We actually added another male beagle to the family but Tyler quickly let us (and him) know that he was not welcome. That beagle (Freddie) was returned to kennels and now lives with a family in Madeira.

     We are obsessive beagle lovers and these two gorgeous animals are an integral part of our family. They know when someone needs a cuddle and their protection, love and comfort for us and each other, is unwavering.

     They love dressing up, playing in the rain and eating mud; they graze on grass, love carrots as a treat and in the summer enjoy a few crunches of ice. Roxy is passionate for vanilla ice cream and Tyler anything that is named food!!!

     It goes without saying that they are friendly to visitors at home and at the park (people and animals alike), though not keen on cats and squirrels. Their instinct for foxes is as strong as ever (having once cornered one in the garden and nearly catching another).

     We hope the the world can see what beautiful dogs they are.

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