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Shevek the Maltese, Pomeranian mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Shevek
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Maltese, Pomeranian mix
Home: Iowa City, Iowa, USA
   Shevek is my first dog, and the most wonderful friend in the whole world. He is frisky, fluffy, and down right happy all the time! In the second picture he is gleefully frolicking among the petals of the Cherry Blossoms of Washington, DC!

     Shevek is named after the hero of Ursula Le Guin's famous book The Dispossessed. In that book, Shevek is a witty, smart, lovely man who tries to save the world. Shevek, my puppy, definitely has saved my world - he is my constant companion and is there for me through thick and thin. When people say "who saved whom" when referring to dogs, I can really relate.

     Every night, I read to Shevek, and he enjoys our books immensely (or maybe he just likes my voice). I have read Following Atticus, Braving the Wilderness, Will's Red Coat, and even research papers that I need for work to him. Shevek doesn't care - he snuggles up to me and listens as if I'm reading the Bible of his doggy world. We enjoy each other's company so much.

     Shevek enjoys going to the two big doggie parks in Iowa City, and he's quite famous there. He makes a habit of greeting all of the people who bring their pups - one of my friends has called him "The Mayor of the Dog Park." Recently, a colleague of mine met a new person who told him that she goes to the doggie park, too. He asked her if she knew me. She did not. Then he asked her if she knew Shevek - right away she exclaimed "Of course I know Shevek!" Shevek is more popular than me in Iowa City!

     Currently, Shevek goes to LuckyPawz Doggie Day Care, and the employees there love him lots! He adores going to day care, and has a special pack of dogs who he hangs out with on their furniture. One of those doggies is a big Great Dane, who just had puppies, but they have all been adopted. She misses them, so Shevek, who is probably the size of her puppies, cuddles with her to make her feel better. He's very empathetic!

     I can't imagine life without my little guy. When I am writing, he sleeps in a little cushion under my desk. I'm reminded of Edith Wharton's quote: "My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet." That's how I feel about my pup - he is my little heart.

Shevek the Maltese, Pomeranian mix, the Dog of the Day Shevek the Maltese, Pomeranian mix, the Dog of the Day Shevek the Maltese, Pomeranian mix, the Dog of the Day

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