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Chicka the German Shepherd, the Dog of the Day
Name: Chicka
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female Breed: German Shepherd
Home: Eberbach, Germany
   This is Chicka, she is my dog. She is ten years old. She is black and golden brown and she is a very, very good dog, She does not like to go on walks with me. She likes to play a lot, though. The food my dog is most fond of are cookies. But as you can see, we can put them in front of her, and she does not eat them until we tell her it is okay.

     My dog is very big and very cuddly. She always looks at us with wide eyes, like she understands every word we say. My dog is a great dog and is very brave. She barks at all the dogs we pass. This is Chicka, she is my dog, and I love her very much.

Chicka the German Shepherd, the Dog of the Day

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