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Woody the Chihuahua, the Dog of the Day
Name: Woody
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male Breed: Chihuahua
Home: London, England, UK
   His name is Woody, and he is a Chihuahua. Woody is a good boy, he is very caring and loves his sister Sandy. He is very chubby and has an extra roll under his neck. Woody's mother Bonnie is very chubby so he must get it from her side. What does he eat? Anything. He is very strong and has a lot of muscles so he always sticks his strong, swole, little arm under places to get out tiny crumbs. He is physically incapable of doing any tricks as his pea sized brain cannot handle it, but two things he can do are sneeze at people and eat food in peoples' faces.

     Woody has one strange story (not for the squeamish-ed.) - I will tell you "The story of the two tailed freak." It was a hot day and the brave, heroic, good boy, Woody sprinted outside. He bravely charged past the door and went into the fields. He came back about five minutes later with an extra tail hanging off him below his first. He was sentenced outside where his second tail (it was poop) would fall off and he would just carry on his day ... and that is the day that Woody the Chihuahua became known as the two-tailed freak.

     Some extra detail is that he likes to drink a lot of water, all the time. He loves the stuff, but it doesn't help as later on he also pees all the time. But we love him just as he is.

Woody the Chihuahua, the Dog of the Day Woody the Chihuahua, the Dog of the Day Woody the Chihuahua, the Dog of the Day

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