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Crystal the Beagle, the Dog of the Day
Name: Crystal
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female Breed: Beagle
Home: Arizona, USA
   This my dog Crystal, she is a nine-month-old beagle and she is special because she is the first dog I ever owned. My mother knocked on my door and said "We're getting a puppy." And the first thing that came to mind was a beagle. We went to and I picked the first female beagle I saw. (I wanted a girl one because girls are cuter than boys.) We waited a week and when we finally brought her home something went terribly wrong. I was new to owning a puppy so I didn't exactly think this through first.

     Crystal started behaving very bad, she would whine and bark whenever we left the house or room, she ate out of the trash and my cat's litter box, and everything she did just made me and my dad furious. My dad has serious anger issues so he can be a real drama queen. He kept yelling at her every time she did something bad and this just kept scaring me. I felt like getting her was the biggest mistake I ever made and I thought the best thing to do would take her away. That went on for five months and to me it was like being in hell. I hate drama, I hate my Dad whenever he screams his head off, and I hate the idea of being a parent. (I NEVER want to have kids of my own) But everyone kept telling me "She's just a puppy" and she will start to mature after a few months, and she did.

     We took her to training at PetSmart and she began listening to everything I said. I became the alpha dog and she stopped eating the trash and barking so much. Now that Crystal is a good doggy now I feel like we could become the new Shaggy and Scooby or the new Finn and Jake. Crystal is an adorable beagle and my mom is now obsessed with beagles now. She looks up beagle photos on the internet and every time she sees one she gets excited. My older brother was in college when we adopted her and he had no idea we got her so when he came for a visit he got the biggest surprise of his life, he also thinks she is adorable and loves coming to visit so he can play with her. Now that I got her under control I feel I can get another beagle. Although my dad won't let me because he doesn't want to go through all that again. That's why he wants to get another kitten because our old one died in October 2017. (Rest in Kitty heaven Scooter.) We love you, Crystal!

Crystal the Beagle, the Dog of the Day

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