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Courage the Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Courage
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male Breed: Dog
Home: Romania
   Courage is a special dog. He was a street dog who was suffering from severe demodectic mange and he had no contact with humans before. My boyfriend and I saw him first time on our way back home. We decided to take him with us but he was so scaredthat one gentle touch and he ran away, not to be seen in the following days. We found him after 10 days, just in time ... got him to the veterinarian who helped start him on medicine. In the process of healing, I realized that my patience, my voice, and my love could calm him down and makes him feel safe. So, I adopted Courage.

     It's been one year since Courage came live at my home. I admire his enthusiasm about life every day. I believe fate brought us together and we healed each other. He is very affectionate with me but shy and reticent with other persons. He feels comfortable around my other two dogs and three cats. Recently Courage started to wear the dog harness and he was pretty clumsy at first. He has learned to walk on a leash, to come, sit, jump and kiss.

     He love plush toys and his favorite toy was a cauliflower plush who was destroyed by Cleo, my old and jealous dog. We love him, and will keep him supplied with both love and toys from now on!

Courage the Dog, the Dog of the Day Courage the Dog, the Dog of the Day Courage the Dog, the Dog of the Day

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