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Buddy the Golden Retriever, the Dog of the Day
Name: Buddy Boy
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male Breed: Golden Retriever
Home: Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, USA
   Buddy was given to his family as a Christmas gift when he was a puppy. He has been with this family his whole life.

     He is very well behaved and knows basic commands of sit, lay, paw and come. He even communicates with us by whining at the door to be let out and whining to come back in. He also whines at the stairs if he is hungry and wants fed.

     This is a picture of him from this past summer playing in his pool, he loves the water. He has no aggression what-so-ever, though his tail is like a thick whip. He does very well with other dogs and doesn't seem to mind cats, even though he has never had another animal live with him before.

     He was born with a cataract in his left eye and has been mostly, or completely, blind in that eye most of his life. He is a very big and somewhat fat dog, weighing an average of 130-140 lbs.

     He is doesn't like of my father (human) because he yells at him a lot. He hides under our kitchen table as soon as he hears the truck pull in, but he still obeys when given commands by our father. He loves his oldest human sister (me) best because I take care of him most of the time and he always sleeps in my room with me at night.

     At ten years old, he is getting older and slower. The other pictures shown are a couple years old when he was at his prime appearance. He mostly lays around and sleeps more, but he loves going outside and taking small walks with you or just exploring the yard while you do work outside. He does very well on walks as well, not even needing a leash since he stays close to you and knows to stop when a car is coming.

     He is very picky with his chew toys. He'll take just about any bone, as long as it has flavor to it. His all time favorite chew toy is his green and blue rubber bone which he has had for most of his life now. He also loves ropes but chews them to bits pretty quickly, same with tennis balls.

     Everyone that has ever met him, loves him to death and wishes their pets had his personality. A quirky fact about him: in the last couple years, he has started snoring and even sometimes whimpering at night. Not sure why this is, but I just do my best to ignore it at night, haha.

Buddy the Golden Retriever, the Dog of the Day Buddy the Golden Retriever, the Dog of the Day

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