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Paddy the Maltese, the Dog of the Day
Name: Paddy
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male Breed: Maltese
Home: New York, USA
   This is Paddy. He was born on St. Paddy's Day of 2013. So, what makes him special? Well to keep it simple, aren't all family members special?

     And to keep it not so simple, there are many reasons. Paddy was quite the mischievous and intelligent pup. This makes for some interesting situations. As a puppy, he learned that if he had to go outside while the rest of us were eating, that we'd get up leave our food alone to take him out. With this knowledge, he figured out that he could outsmart us. When dinner time came around, he'd go to the door and wait for someone to come. As soon as they'd get to him, he'd dash to the dinner table, jump up and steal some food. Fortunately, he learned that stealing food is wrong, and he no longer tries to pull a fast one on us. Another thing he used to do as a puppy was open bags. If he smelled food in a backpack, or he knew there was laundry in a laundry bag, he would manage to open the bag and take whatever he was looking for. He started a nice collection of socks. He also enjoyed (and still enjoys) running laps (also known as Frapping). This is always fun to watch.

     So, besides frapping, what else does he enjoy now that he's older? Of course, he still enjoys his family. He's the happiest when we're all around and in the same room. Most mornings, he'll come to the doors of anyone who is still sleeping, scratch on their doors, and have them follow him downstairs. Since I love my sleep, I used to just go back into my bed, but he'd come back. Now I just go downstairs and cuddle with him on the couch. Something else we enjoy doing together is training and photography. For the training, he learns a simple agility course (jumping, weave poles. and a small tunnel) and for tricks he knows the basics (sit, stay, lay down) and a couple of others (shake, pick a hand, high five, and spin). He loves getting praised and getting treats when he does a good job. Now he'll even start performing tricks and agility stunts on his own, to ask for some treats. Where does photography come into play? Well, the basic tricks come quite in handy when I'm trying to get him to pose for the camera. Though, many times he'll naturally be in a great pose. This is especially true for whenever he looks out the window, which is another thing he likes to do. This is often paired up with taking a nap (obviously not at the same time but when he wakes up, he'll stare out the window). Like most dogs, he also enjoys going on walks. We'll often take him to the park where he can enjoy nature and play in the creek. And on special occasions, we'll get to play in the ocean when we take him on vacation with us. Though, while he loves creeks and the ocean, he is still terrified of pools.

     The final thing that makes Paddy special is the fact that he's caring, loving, and protective, just how every family should be. If someone is sick, he won't leave their side. If there's a bad storm, he'll make people follow him to “safety”. Our family couldn't ask for a better dog.

     If you'd love to see more pictures of Paddy, head to my and instagram pages.

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