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Nanea the Rottweiler mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Nanea
Age: Seven and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Rottweiler mix
Home: Hawai'i, USA
   Aloha! My dog is the best dog, she is my service dog and companion. She is a Rottie mix, her baby name is Poopcie, her grown up name is Nanea ( it's Hawaiian - that's where we live) but I mostly call her Pup. She rides a motorcycle with me (she has her own seat on the gas tank) and she is amazing in every way! This is a photo from a few years ago at the farmer's market Rochester, New York.

     When she rides the motorcycle, she wears her 'sunnyglasses' that are childrens' sunglasses and they are not tied on. She does your usual tricks; sit up pretty, give me your paw, etc., she also gives me a smile and a kiss and she loves to play dress up. Being that she is my service dog she is a "my dog" kind of dog. She loves all other creatures and is very gentle with them. Whenever something is smaller than her, she gets on her belly and only moves her head as if she is saying, "Look- I am small like you!"

     Pup is very good at playing keep away, she has had two other dogs, two kids and me chasing her & trying to get what ever it is she so proudly has, and we could not get it from her. She is very quick at her dodging, she loves to hunt, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, chickens, etc., but she does not hurt anything she is more interested in the fun of the chase.

     Nanea is extremely smart, and if a doggie friend takes off from its human, she will go fetch it and drag it back by its collar! When she returns it to its human she starts barking (scolding) at it for not listening! She will play with a ball with me, but if I am relaxing, she will carry her ball up a hill and throw it down, chase it and repeat, she also is good at flipping the ball w/ her paw. She is good at fishing in shallow ponds and she loves crabbing (hunting crabs, not complaining)!

Nanea the Rottweiler mix, the Dog of the Day Nanea the Rottweiler mix, the Dog of the Day

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