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Leila the Pug, the Dog of the Day
Name: Leila
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female Breed: Pug
Home: Spring Lake, Michigan, USA
   Hey everyone, I'm Leila! I'm five years old and I am Mommy's little girl. I live at home with my Mommy and Daddy and a new little brother, Bogey! I am pretty laid back. I like to cuddle with my Dad and I absolutely love to sleep, especially under the covers at my Mom's feet. At bedtime, Mom and Dad always lift the blankets for me to crawl under. My favorite toy is my stuffed bunny rabbit, Boo! I'm a little confused because it use to make this loud noise when I bit it's stomach but Daddy did something to it to make it stop! I don't get it! I also LOVE flashlights!!! Mom and Dad always turn the lights off and shine the light all over the place and I have so much fun chasing it around and around and around. I don't quite understand what the thing is but it just amazes me! Oh yeah, how could I forget, I love going on bike rides with Mommy. She has a basket on her bike and always takes me for rides, it's so much fun.

     So, I have a new brother and I am having a difficult time getting used to him. He is so annoying. All he does is chase after me and chew my toys. I also have to share him with Mommy and Daddy and it's not fair. I know my Mommy loves her shoes and Bogey just chews on them when he thinks Mommy isn't watching... but she is, hee hee! I like to see him get time out. I'm a princess so I don't get in trouble. Bogey is just a puppy Mom say's so he just has some growing up to do. I guess I can understand.

     My Mom and Dad say I deserve to be honored because I have had to adjust to a lot lately. But Mom say's she is proud of me for being such a good girl while she trains Bogey. I just sit and watch patiently. I know my Mom and Dad love me very much. Thanks for reading my story. Bye!

Leila the Pug, the Dog of the Day

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