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George the Labrador Retriever mix , the Dog of the Day
Name: George
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male Breed: Labrador Retriever mix
Home: Downers Grove, Illinois, USA
   This is a picture of my dog, George. He lives with us in Downers Grove, Illinois, southwest of Chicago. I found George when I stumbled upon an adoption fair sponsored by a few local animal shelters one August. My Cocker Spaniel had just died and, though I knew I'd get another dog soon, I really didn't intend to get a dog on that day. George's good temperament and obvious beauty had me sold. We were told he's a Labrador Retriever mix, though it looks like there's probably Border Collie in there as well.

     Over the following months George's personality traits (both the good ones and the bad ones) came to light. He excelled at obedience and agility and never chewed anything in the house. He's a terrific hiker and swimmer and is able to keep up with me all day long or just lie around while I'm at work.

     George is a protective guy who once chased our uninvited (in his mind) cleaning lady out of the house when she walked in the front door. He never touched her, he just barked - and his bark is certainly impressive enough that she took it seriously. He then stood guard over the house on the front porch. This lasted until a police officer threw a ham sandwich into the house. Though he sold us out for a ham sandwich, we still love him and think he should be Dog of the Day!

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