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Maude the Terrier/Corgi mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Maude
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female Breed: Terrier/Corgi mix
Home: Downey, California, USA
   Maude is special in so many ways! Prior to Maude, a dog always happened into my life. When my last girl passed, I waited and waited until a dog came my way ... and it didn't happen. So I went on to search, and search I did. I chose shelters that had one or two dogs that fit my criteria, not puppy, smallish, attitude ... and now there's Maude!

     She doesn't have to do tricks 'cause she is so cool, but will sit at the curb before we cross the street and is willing to give kisses anytime she hears the word!!!

     After working with her that not all male youth who wear baseball hats are evil (it took a household of us wearing baseball caps for a couple weeks, and trust me it is not my look!) and helping her to understand that she really cannot take a motorcyle down with her 22 pound body, Maude has brought so much joy into our lives.

     She is closely attached in an aloof kind of way. She loves other dogs, but all they need to do is curl their lip or show aggression and she is ready to rumble. She is tolerant of children, especially when they are close enough to the ground for her to kiss them and get any lingering food! She loves routines and will not stop reminding me of them until we take our daily walks, give her the dental treat of the day, and go see Grandma (who is my mom in a skilled nursing facility)

     Maude is the best companion and travels well, while also enjoying downtime after our walk! I am so lucky this shelter dog came into my life and trust she will not be the last. Maude is my Dog of the Day every day ... lucky me!

Maude the Terrier/Corgi mix, the Dog of the Day Maude the Terrier/Corgi mix, the Dog of the Day

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