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Jackson the German Shepherd mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Jackson
Age: One year, eight months old
Gender: Male Breed: German Shepherd mix
Home: Washington State, USA
   What makes him so special you wonder? Oh my goodness I can go on and on about him. I'm going to start off with his story. My dad and I had gone to a adoption event last year and we went to a few shelters in hopes to find a dog for me. The first shelter we went too didn't have a good selection, second was the same, third was different. When we pulled up to the parking lot, it was so packed.

     We went inside and looked around at all the dogs. We saw saw so many different dogs. There was a really sweet female dog that I wanted, but when we went up to the counter to ask to meet her they said that she was already being looked at. We said okay, and went to look around again. A few kennels down from the female dog was Jackson. He was so nervous. He wouldn't come up to the door like some other dogs did. I knew he was a nervous dog right then and there. So we went back up to the counter and told them that we wanted to meet Jackson they said that he was a special needs dog.

     When I first heard that, I thought he had some sort of disability like not being able to run properly, not being able to eat properly etc. But boy was I wrong. We got to meet him. The staff that came out with him said that he wasn't from the states. He was originally from Guatemala. The staff that brought him out for us told us that she drove to Ohio (He was transported there) to bring him to the shelter we were at. She said he was originally a street dog. So my dad and I thought "Well, that's okay."

     We said we wanted to adopt him and she said we couldn't at that moment. because we didn't have all our family members with us. (It was me and my dad.) So we went back the next day with my sister, my mom and my other dog. They made sure that they got along (which they did) and we could adopt him! So that day (the 20th of August :D) we brought home Jackson.

     One picture is when we first brought him home. He was so nervous when we brought him home. He would hide behind me every time my parents came home. He wouldn't go to anyone else but me. He followed me around the house like he I was his mom. (I mean, I am now lol) He didn't know how to walk on a leash, he was so nervous. We kept a leash on him until he was house trained.

     As of today, Jackson has completely changed. He no longer hides behind me when someone comes home, he no longer needs a leash on him.(He still follows me around the house though ) He is sooo playful. Another picture was taken when my dad and I went to the beach with him. Compared to a year ago, he's a completely different dog.

     Now onto what makes him extra special. Jackson is VERY vocal. (I do not have any videos of him being vocal unfortunately. My phone does not pick up any sound when recording.) Anyway. When he is outside running around, he is very vocal. I don't know what breeds are in him, but I want to get a DNA test for him. Whenever I'm out walking him, I get so many comments saying "Is that a coyote?" Or "He looks like a coyote! What breed is he?" He does indeed look like a coyote.

     Jackson is also very lovable. He will jump onto my bed like a rabbit (It's really funny!) and stay as close as he can to me. Another thing about Jackson, he LOVES to chase after other animals. Whenever I walk him at a park with a ton of squirrels or birds or anything that catches his interest, I say "Jackson, bird!" or "Jackson, squirrel!" He's like "Huh?! What?! Where? Mom where's the bird?!" and once he spots it he stalks it like a coyote, and tries to go after it! It's really funny seeing him chase after them.

     Another umusual thing about him, he LOVES cat toys. (Yes you heard me!) Cat toys! He loves to chase them and play with them. I've never owned/knew a dog that loves cat toys as much as him. Another thing about him as well, he LOVES to run. You put him in the backyard, boy will you see him run. It's like he has speed shoes on or something! He's really funny when he is running around. In my household I have two cats, I say "Jackson, get the cat!" He runs downstairs and goes and plays with whatever cat he found.

     One more thing about him, so since our upstairs is all carpet, he loves being up there more than downstairs. Why you wonder? Our entire downstairs is hardwood or tile, and since he has no friction on his paw pads (they are really smooth for him) he slips and slides and it's quite funny. He hates being downstairs even if I'm down there. He knows if he's down there he'll slip and slide everywhere. So he stays upstairs a lot of the time.

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