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Katie the Great Dane, the Dog of the Day
Name: Katie
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female Breed: Great Dane
Home: Utah, USA
   Katie is a rescue dog from a shelter. My parents waited three years after our last dog died before deciding to take on another. They weren't planning on getting any particular dog, nor were they planning on getting a Great Dane. But, Katie took matters into her own paws when she put her head into my mother's coat while being almost choked by a leash that was too tight and the man walking her didn't fix the problem. She also looked rather pathetic with her ribs and other bones sticking out from nearly starving to death on the streets before she was found by the shelter. Vets guess she's about four years old.

     It was near pandemonium when she first arrived in the house. We have rescued cats and they had gotten used to not having a dog any more. In time they all learned to mostly get along, there are even a few cats that try to make friends with her.

     That's my mom hugging her in the first picture, and she's about five feet and four inches tall. After three months with us, Katie's no longer skin and bones. She's at her perfect weight and her behavior has improved a lot. She's still not perfect, but we never expect that anyway. She also has her own bed and sleeps in my room at night. She never eats dog food, she hates it. So my mother feeds her healthy alternatives instead. She gets walks almost daily in the evenings and her own collection of chew toys.

     She does have some silly quirks as you can see in her video.

     She's a bit hard to catch in pictures when she's moving, which is why she's often laying down in my photos of her, but once in a while I can get a fair standing photo of her.

     And as you can see, the cats and she get along peaceably most of the time. Here are Katie on the floor, that fat white and grey on the couch is Ooksa, the tiny one on top of the couch is Rosie, the one next to the couch arm is Lady Autumn.

     They tolerate her, but our cat Blueberry will actually come up and say a friendly hello to her and Katie doesn't mind ... and this is from a dog assumed to be "no good with cats." Sometimes I think what you hear from the shelter people should not be completely believed. She's a good dog and she turned out to be a better one than the shelter people expected.

Katie the Great Dane, the Dog of the Day Katie the Great Dane, the Dog of the Day

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