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Maximus the Great Dane, the Dog of the Day
Name: Maximus
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male Breed: Great Dane
Home: Nacogdoches, Texas, USA
   Sit back and listen to this story of fate. I have wanted a Great Dane for almost 15 years, and quite often I had looked in the paper for ads of local breeders. I am from a small town so once in a blue moon there might be one. But none ever worked out.

     One evening I was looking through a magazine and saw an ad with a Great Dane in it, which made me think, Hmmm, I am just going to see if any Dane pups have been born in my area. There were none, so I looked in surrounding areas ... a few, but nothing that pulled at me to make a call. Well I decided to try one more web site, I typed it in and was re-directed to a totally different web site, and thought, Well I will just look here. I started noticing that all the ads were from places like Vermont, West Virginia, Washington etc., and here I am in East Texas, but one caught my eye. Blue Merle Danes, it said. I had never heard of a blue merle, so I clicked it and it was from Tyler, Texas, about a hour and a half away from me! So I researched blue merle Danes, and fell in love ... so I called. Here's where the story gets good.

     I went to see the pups, and fell head over heels in love with a beautiful strapping blue merle male, whom I named Maximus. I brought him home and called my mother to tell her she was a new grandma. She asked, "Where did you get him?" I explained, which at the time I thought was a pretty neat story about the wrong website thing. She said. "Tessa, you went to Tyler to get him? What area?" I told her. "Well did the road where you got him dead end?" I was like, "Yes ..." She continued, "And was it a horseshoe-shaped road?" and I was like, "Yes....WHY??" She said. "Because that's where we lived until you were five!" Oh My Gosh - Major Chill Bumps - No Way! The dog of my dreams, that I had waited for, for nearly 15 years, was born in the same house where I grew up! I believe that the Lord works in mysterious ways, and I know Maximus and I were meant to be together, to love and enjoy each other FOREVER!!!

     He is such a good puppy - he is about six months old now, and all legs. He is definitely at that awkward stage, he sometimes trips over himself, like he's not yet used to how things work - it reminds me of a young colt. But he is as sweet as can be, and learning new things every day. I look forward to many years ahead with my blue boy!

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