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Noah the Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Noah
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male Breed: Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian mix
Home: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
   This is Noah, he is our Yorkie, Pomeranian mix. As you can see, he totally resembles his Yorkie side in coloring, but is fluffier than Yorkies ever are. He love walks and digging, but does not particularly like water. He is a real character, and is always up for chatting - so scolding is always a conversation, not a one-sided lecture.

     Like I said, even though his name is Noah, he's not a fan of water. He prefers to bark at ducks when they are on the lake, rather than getting his paws wet. He figures to let the Labradors do any water work. He will just supervise from the dock. Noah is sweet, fun, and a real character, and even the cat loves him.

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