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Bo the Australian Shepherd, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bo
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Australian Shepherd
Home: Colorado, USA
   Bo is our wonderful, beautiful, loving, athletic Australian Shepherd. He loves everyone he meets! He absolutely loves to go on runs (he can go for 15 miles and still be energized!), play with his family, and after a long day of being outside, cuddle. His personality is perfect for our active family! We adopted him on Friday, October 13th, 2017, and it was love at first sight! Even though we adopted him on Friday the 13th, he is anything but bad luck! His best friend is the Samoyed that lives next door. He is married to my best friend's Hungarian Vizsla!

     Bo's favorite toys are hard chew toys and stuffed animals with squeakers in them! He knows many tricks, like sit, lay down, come, shake a paw, stay, catch, and I am currently teaching him to roll over and planning to teach him to spin! Bo can be very, very active and crazy, or very, very chilled out and mellow! His favorite foods are carrots (weird, right?!) and any type of meat. Chicken, red meat, pork... you name it! He isn't very picky. One thing he definitely dislikes is baths! Although he hates them, he looks very cute!! Immediately after baths, he enjoys rubbing in the bushes in our back yard. When there's snow, he's crazier than ever! Snow is definitely one of his favorite things during winter... except when his little paws get cold! Bo has always been a troublemaker, but there's no way to stay mad at such a cute face! A picture above (or below) shows him chewing a flip-flop, the first day we got him! He was a chubby, fluffy little pup then, but has grown into a sleek, strong, beautiful doggo! Bo never really barks, but has learned to whine when he needs to go outside to go to the bathroom. Bo is one of my favorite parts in life, and I love him so much, even if he can be a troublemaker! Bo really is a perfect dog.

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