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Wombat the Nederlands Kooikerhondje, the Dog of the Day
Name: Wombat
Age: Three and a half months old
Gender: Female Breed: Nederlands Kooikerhondje
Home: The Netherlands
   This is my dog, Wombat. She is a female Nederlands Kooikerhondje of three and a half months old. Also known as Dutch Decoy Spaniel. She lives in the country where this breed originally comes from, the Netherlands.

     She is a special little dog for me because she will become my servicedog. Now she is wild and sometimes uncontrollable, but with a lot of will to please. Her way of working is rough at the moment, but she has talent.

     When she is grows up I hope she shows the character of a classic Kooikerhondje. They are known to be cheerfull, always willing to please you as fast as possible and also sometimes very naughty. Running and tugging on a rope is her favorite game at the moment and for me she doesn't have to stop with it.

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