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Thor the German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Thor
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male Breed: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever mix
Home: Hartselle, Alabama, USA
   Thor is such a special dog to me and to my family as well. He is very good natured, and he loves to wrestle, and play fight. He is a very calm boy most of the time, but sometimes, he likes to chase me around the yard.

     Thor was added to our family because of my persistance in saving his life. He was tied to a dead tree without food or water in 100 degree weather everyday for weeks. And, each day I would go give him food and water while the neighbors weren't home. One afternoon I thought the neighbors weren't home, and they caught me feeding him. The man told me I could have him if I wanted him, because they didn't want him. Thor was only a puppy then, and I was delighted to have him. Thor was about five months old, chained to a tree with no food, and no water. He was starving - not only for food - but for love. I immediately took action, and unchained the dog, and brought him home with me. He has been in the family ever since that day.

     Thor knows many commands. He knows how to sit, stay, speak, roll over, lie down, and shake hands. He is very smart, and is trained very easily. He loves the camera, as anyone can tell from this picture, he poses for it. He knows how to get out of our fence if he wants to, and will try to get back into the house for more attention. He also knows exactly what the leash means, and as soon as I gather up his leash, he runs for the door to go for a walk down the street, or a car ride to get fast food.

     Thor is very protective over my family, and especially over me. He may more resemble his Lab side, but has the Shepherd protective genes in spades. He will not let a stranger into the house, or into the yard. He growls, and stands on my feet. He is such a special dog to me, and to my family. He is the true definition of "Man's best friend."

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