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Teddy the Pitbull Terrier, the Dog of the Day
Name: Teddy
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male Breed: Pitbull Terrier
Home: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
   Teddy is like a son to me, I take him everywhere I go. He loves children and other animals. He seems to forget he is 45 pounds, and is very content to sit on my lap. He is very good at soccer and I'm considering sending him to the world cup. He also likes to play ball. It took him a long while to get the whole bring it back thing down yet, but eventually he mastered it.

     Teddy is very special to me because I rescued him from the Toronto Humane Society after a very long stay for him.

     He had been abused and was very hyper and out of control. I spent hours with him training him and teaching him. He is still hyper but obedient and has come a long way and both myself and my boyfriend are very proud.

     Teddy loves other animals and people, pretty much anybody that will show him attention. He enjoys playing with our kitten Freddy and his best friend another Pit Bull named Brody. Teddy loves to run and play but mostly eat, sleep and give kisses. Teddy is also very fond of children and likes to give them more kisses then anybody else. Despite all the negativemedia about these dogs, Teddy is definitely not fitting the stereotype of a "pit bull" at all. He also has a very extensive wardrobe which he likes to show off at the park. If you ever see us walking by come say "hi" Teddy is always looking for a new friend :)

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